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If you enabled Calendar for the Notification Center, you’ll be able to see all the birthdays of today and the days to come.Now, isn’t this a much easier way to have all your friends’ birthdays details stored in your i Phone?Say I want to add my dogs birthday, or my grandson, who's 2, do I have to add my dog as a contact and enter in her birthday.

Under the date and time you will see "Does not repeat." Tap that.

When you create an event the Google Birthday calendar is available. Create the birthday as a one day event, then go back in to edit it.

I about tore my hair out over this same issue, but finally figured out an easy work around for it that can be done in Google Calendar either on a PC or an Android phone. Right under the date and time (upper left) you will see check boxes for either "all day" or "Repeat." Check "Repeat" and use the drop down menu to select "Yearly." Save, and you're done.

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Wishing someone a happy birthday on Facebook nowadays has become so common.

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