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Bermuda’s ball hockey team is currently in the Czech Republic taking part in the World Ball Hockey Championships, and are wearing Bermuda shorts during their time away from the sport, as they showcase traditional Bermudian attire in that part of the world.

The team has won two games so far against France and Lebanon, however lost to Great Britain, Hong Kong, and earlier today were narrowly defeated by Armenia, who won by a score of 3-2.

A journalist by background, she is now a successful children’s author (Linley hosted the launch party for her latest book, Her exquisite furniture collection – bespoke Linley tables, chairs and bookshelves, alongside art deco treasures, antiques, rare pieces of Japanese art and old masters – is referred to with quiet appreciation.

Nouneh can’t tell me exactly how many Linley pieces there are, but they seem to be everywhere, blending in seamlessly in this immaculate Chelsea town house.

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