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As our new mom has entered the terrarium, we have decided to move the histories and updates of past families to a new page.Read on for more details and updates about your favorite kittens and moms.

As the kiss cam panned to a pair of Bucks fans, the man began shaking his head and mouthed, "That's my mom." RELATED: Move over kiss cam, the 'Lion King' cam is the cutest thing in sports And judging by her face, the woman next to him, presumably his mother, was also clearly disgusted.

"I honestly didn’t realize how scary it was until later that evening when my husband got home.” She told him what happened and he replayed the video.

"I said, 'Hollis kind of choked today and I had to give her a stomach pump to get it out.' I said, 'You should just replay the video to see what happened.' It was crazy.

(Gwen Gallagher later told The Star's Maria Torres: "It was allergies." However, not even Gwen Gallagher believed that) Fox Sports Kansas City shared this video of the moment: Cam Gallagher's mom shed some tears of joy as the rookie catcher came on in the ninth inning to make his MLB debut.

The kiss cam is all about capturing sweet or awkward moments, like that cute smooch between an old married couple or the guy that gets put in the friend zone by the female pal in the next seat.

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