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If you miss the moment, it can be gone forever, leaving a forever empty space in the heart!This is the reason why we always encourage new users to be open-minded at our safe Haryana chat service.But aside from the viral clips, which of these shows is actually worth your time?After giving some hosts time to settle into their new gigs and build a name against the veterans, Business Insider watched all the current major late-night shows on the air (focusing on the more comedy-based programs) and assessed the best and worst of the pack.When you first check the internet in the morning, you might come across a clip of John Oliver picking apart a thorny topic in his dry comedic style on his HBO show.Or Stephen Colbert, who took over from David Letterman earlier this year, poking gleeful fun at Donald Trump. Soon "Daily Show" alum Samantha Bee will join the fray with her own show debuting next year.

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The late-night world is full of new and new-ish players.

Is it just me, or are we all basically waiting for Meyers’ “Late Night” to get canceled?

I’m sure he’ll get better (if given the opportunity to), but hey, at least he’s not as bad as Seth Meyers. Chris Hardwick You have new late-night formats, then you have “@midnight”, a completely different program altogether.

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