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Especially, for those looking to undertake a fertility treatment Costa Blanca presents an ideal region making it possible to take advantage of the healing properties of the Mediterranean environment due to presence of salt lakes and relatively low humidity.

The centrosome in animal cells provides a major microtubule-nucleating site that regulates the microtubule cytoskeleton temporally and spatially throughout the cell cycle.

We report the identification in k Da (CP309), cofractionates with the γ-tubulin ring complex and the centrosome-complementing activity.

In addition to γTu RC, many other proteins are also localized to the centrosome with distinct localization characteristics (Andersen, 1999; Bornens, 2002).

For example, although some proteins such as the γTu RC are localized to the centrosomes throughout the cell cycle, others are found at the centrosome only during certain stages of the cell cycle.

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